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The Beautiful Face of Fraud

Don't let this pretty face fool you, this is the face of one of the biggest fraudsters in the gemstone business.

Well taught by her father, Richard W. Hughes, this individual played a major role in perpetrating the biggest fraud in the history of the world gemstone industry, and she did it with a smile on her face that she carried all the way to the bank.

For everyone who was ripped off by the television shopping channels, you are looking at one of the main perpetrators of why your money was stolen. Look carefully, she is still at her nasty deeds by hiding behind the doors of Lotus Gemology in Bangkok. Waiting for the next opportunity to pounce on an unsuspecting public to reap more fraudulent rewards.



At left is a picture from the second Hughes Expedition with E. Billie Hughes standing in front of a mining machine claimed to be operational just two years earlier, at the time of the first expedition.

The fraudulent claim of this picture is easy to see when compared to what is supposed to be the original piece of equipment in a previous expedition report.

You can see the original below and compare to this one.

At left is the image claimed to be this machine two years previous. The issues here are obvious:

  1. The image at left in no way shows any resemblence to the image above where E. Billie Hughes is claiming the mine had to close due to the controversy.
  2. Even if sitting dormant for 2 years, the deterioration showing in the image above could not happen to the equipment shown at left.

This is yet another example of how E. Billie Hughes has joined her infamous father in perpetrating this heinous fraud on the industry.

A complete hoax for the purpose of furthering a massive fraud.


Partnership with fraud is always a potential. Here we see E. Billie Hughes being a friend of Pala International, the original perpetrators of the Tibet andesine fraud.

Richard W. Hughes and Bill Larson, owner of Pala International, began the Tibet andesine fraud with Hughes' daughter joining on the second expedition.


Trained to further deception, E. Billie Hughes has been well trained by her infamous father in the art of articially coloring and treating gemstones. She is well-known for teaching other Thai dealers how to perform these treatments and how to sell the treated gemstones in the market as natural. By utilizing her father's name and ruthlessness, E. Billie Hughes has taken her place among the top perpetrators of gemstone fraud in the market.

The story could continue further, but the point has been made: This beautiful face of fraud is following in her father's footsteps and the world gemstone industry can expect another generation of fraud and low dealings from the Thai gemstone markets thanks to the ongoing support of the Hughes family