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Devil's Advocate/ Digital Devil

Selections from the archives of
Richard W. Hughes' notorious column…

The Devil Unchained

"As I write new things, I will post them here first, in all their uncut glory. So here you have it. For the first time ever, the Devil unchained (but certainly not unplugged)."

Richard W. Hughes

Richard W. Hughes is widely known for his attacks on anyone in the industry who either does not agree with him, or dares to stand in the way of his antics. His warped mind and disregard for the rights of others is well documents within his own writing. the quote above he describes himself as the "Devil unchained" in some sort of egotistical self-worship that permeates all of his writing. Let's review some of his other quotes to reveal this warped mind that helped per per ate the largest fraud in the history of the gemstone industry.

A Warning about Sex and Drugs in Richard W. Hughes writing:

Warning: This site may not be for the sensitive. If you are disturbed by unrestricted writings and images, those which involve no-holds-barred depictions of controversial issues, such as those touching on topics like sex, drugs, rock and roll, religion or politics, look elsewhere." Richard W. Hughes

Richard W. Hughes does not care about accuracy in his writing:

"...since anyone can now play the part of publisher, censorship is a moot point. And the Richard Hughes/RWH Publishing & Books web site is a case in point." Richard W. Hughes 

Morality is not a part of the Richard W. Hughes concept of writing. Any attack on anyone is "fair game":

"If Bill Clinton wants to sleep with Hillary, Monica, his cat Socks or the three of them together, I do not regard it as immoral."

The “morality” involved at ruby-sapphire.com is not that of fake injury, only the genuine article, that of the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In other words, do not physically harm others. Everything else is fair game.

Richard W. Hughes

Total disregard for the religious beliefs of others

"Allow me to attack the ideas of Christ, ...Buddha.... and anyone else with equal abandon. I am an equal-opportunity offender." Richard W. Hughes


Reading the caustic comments and venomous attacks of Richard W. Hughes, and his perception that all is "fair game", we can understand why Richard W. Hughes and daughter E. Billie Hughes had such little concern when perpetrating such a huge fraud on the buying public. The attitude of these two borders on sociopaths who have no concern or empathy for the people they harm. "Fair Game" is the battle cry of the Lotus Gemology staff. Fair game against anyone and anywhere.