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World Renown Scientist Proves Hughes Hoax

Dr. Joel Arem, world famous mineralogist and gemstone expert and former curator of the Smithsonian Institute, published a study on the question of the validity of the Hughes Expedition reports regarding the possible formation of andesine crystals of the size and quality claimed.

The final paragraph of Dr. Arem's report simply states that untreated, natural andesine crystals claimed by the Hughes expedition do not exist. The quote from Dr. Arem's report:

"The sellers of treated feldspar who globally market their stones claim their material was derived from large transparent crystals of naturally occurring transparent andesine. If the mandate originally given is to rely only upon established facts and credible evidence in deciding the truth of this assertion, it is reasonable only to conclude that such material does not, in fact, exist." Dr. Joel Arem

The full report is below, inserted from the Canadian Gemmological Institute website.

Viewing this PDF file requires Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher. If you do not have Adobe Reader please visit this link for a free copy. click here to download the PDF file.